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Services: Telehealth Home Monitoring

The VNA's innovative Telehealth Home Monitoring program is designed to help patients with frequent ER visits or re-hospitalization to receive treatment in the comfort of their home. The program also serves newly diagnosed cardiac patients, those with unstable cardiac conditions and others. The goal is to reduce trips to the hospital or physician

Our program uses telecommunications devices placed in patients’ homes to take their vital signs every day and remind them to take medication and answer simple questions about their condition.

Flexible Services

  • Telehealth is customized per patient according to physician care plan directives. 
  • A number of vital signs can be taken from a patient including: blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, weight (up to 300 lbs.).
  • A physician can choose to have a patient’s vital signs monitored multiple times throughout the day as needed.
  • Medication reminders multiple times per day help promote patient compliance.

Training and Education

  • A Telehealth nurse trains the patient to interpret his or her blood pressure, oximetry levels, pulse rates and weight with equipment installed in their home.
  • The devices transmits results at preset times to the VNA for review daily.
  • If any readings are outside the parameters set by the physician, an immediate home intervention takes place to address the patient’s needs.

Proven Patient Benefits

  • Irregularities can be caught before they become problems.
  • Improved quality of life scores.
  • Reduction in hospital readmissions
  • Reduction in unneeded ER visits
  • High patient acceptance levels
  • High nurse acceptance levels
  • Improved data gathering and accuracy


Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

  • Work more efficiently -- one nurse can observe the clinical health of numerous patients at a time.
  • Effectively direct medical attention to those who need it. 
  • Detect and address even the slightest abnormalities before they become serious,
  • Prevent emergency room visits and hospitalizations.
  • Based on the daily data, work directly with the patient’s doctor to adjust medication and diet regimens.


  • A physician’s order is needed to refer a patient to the Telehealth program. 
  • Patients can be referred through VNA of Northwest PA central intake office at (814) 362-7466.
  • Referrals are taken 7 days a week.
  • The cost of the unit is covered by the VNA of Northwest PA while under an open case. Private pay options are also available.

Get the VNA Advantage

  • Reduce emergency room and hospital visits.
  • Monitored care in the comfort of home.
  • Flexible services to meet all of a patient's needs.
  • Training and education from experienced nurses.